As with most reputable businesses, our goal is to provide quality service at a reasonable price. One thing that has helped us to accomplish this is the communication that we establish with our customers. If we don't know what they truly want how can we deliver?

    Once we have a budget established for the job, we can tell a customer what can be done for that amount of money. An important policy that we have is that of not charging a "service charge" for returning to do additional work. For instance if someone wants to invest perhaps 50% of the proposed budget and it is possible to do the job in stages, we can do the job in two or even three stages.

    There is no charge to get a written quote for your houseleveling. Our prices include our one year limited warranty


    The initial price that we give is for the leveling of your structure. Occasionally, it is necessary to install additional sills, floor joists or piers.
      The following are the charges for each of these:
    • Sills are normally 4"x6" and 8' in length. They are usually "sistered" or "scabbed" to the existing sill if it is "sound" enough. The new are supported by new piers on either end. The charge for each new 8' sill installed with the new piers is $250.00.
    • Floor joists are normally 2"x6" and 8' in length. They are usually "sistered" or "scabbed" to the existing joist if it is "sound" enough. The charge for each new joist is $50.00 installed.
    • The charge for installation of a new concrete block pier that is two blocks high is $35.00. This includes a 16"x16"x3" concrete pad.
    Note: sills and joists are normally 8' in length to facillitate their installation under the house.




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